David Carmack Consulting - Lodestar Classic Virtual Motor School

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3-hour complete virtual motor school with a guided disassembly of the CM Classic Lodestar

If you are planning on attending a live in person training with Dave or just want a standalone motor school to improve your knowledge, you cannot go wrong with this download. In this 3-hour course, Dave covers the same material as in his live classes plus a detailed, guided disassembly to learn what makes your CM Classic Lodestar work.

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After checkout, you will be able to download the compressed ZIP file, "DCC_Lodestar Classic Virtual School_1080p.zip" which contains both the narrated slideshow MP4 and Enhanced Study Guide PDF. You will need a way to extract those from the ZIP file you download. Your link will allow a single download of the ZIP file, so be mindful of where you save it. Please feel free to reach out if you have trouble with the download or lose it and need a new link sent.

    Meet Your Trainer

    Dave Carmack spent more than 40 years with CM and served many roles during his tenure. From 20 years of manufacturing the Lodestar, to Engineering Research and Development Lab Technician and Product Engineer before becoming an Entertainment Trainer. Dave has taught classes on 6 of the 7 continents.